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Shtetl – Jewish market town located on the territory of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and later Russian Pale of Settlement.
Usually small and self-contained, shtetls were vibrant centers of Jewish life and tradition.
These simple definitions do not explain the importance and the influence of a Shtetl on the Jewish life and culture.
We meet on Zoom to find our own answers to many questions about the phenomenon of a Shtetl:
  • What was so unique about the Shtetl?
  • Why do some researches call it as "Jewish Atlantis"?
  • What made the life of Jewish Community in the shtetl so special?
  • What makes a town a shtetl?
  • How did the shtetl look like and who actually lived there? Were there any non-Jews in the shtetl?
In addition, we will discuss food, traditions, language, believes, jobs, community structure and other important elements of the shtetl's everyday life.
When and Where
Sunday January 9th at 8:00PM Jerusalem time on ZOOM

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6:00PM in London
1:00PM in New York
12:00PM in Texas and Milwaukee
10:00AM in California
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USD 12 per household

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