Online tour on February 6th
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This time we will travel through the distance and time visiting two countries at once - Israel and Russian Empire.

I will take you to the well-known streets in the heart of Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and other cities to discuss the origin of their names.

Trumpeldor, Arlazorov, Sokolov, Gruzenberg, Hankin….. you find these names in almost every city in Israel, but have you ever thought why they are called this way?

Who were these people the streets are named after? Where did they come from? What is so very special about them?

We will be carried to the Russian Empire to look at their birthplaces – small traditional shtetls and big cities. We will speak about their lives and ideas, about the atmosphere that surrounded and influenced them.

Poets, writers, artists, political leaders, kibbutz pioneers, lawyers and more.

Great life stories of great Russian Jews!

  • When and Where
    Sunday February 6th at 8:00PM Jerusalem time on ZOOM

  • Other timezones
    6:00PM in London
    1:00PM in New York
    12:00PM in Texas and Milwaukee
    10:00AM in California
  • Cost and payment
    USD 12 per household

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    You will receive the video recording the day after the lecture
Online tour on February 6th
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