Part I: Maria Rolnikaite - a Jewish Girl Who Survived the Vilna Ghetto

Part II: Janusz Korczak - a Jewish Man Who Taught Us to Love Children

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Join me for the mini-series dedicated to the two extraordinary Jews whose lives and books have influenced my life and my worldview dramatically!

Sunday July 28, Part 1: "Maria Rolnikaite: A Jewish Girl Who Survived the Vilna Ghetto"

Welcome to a compelling lecture focused on Maria Rolnikaite, a Jewish girl who endured the grim reality of the Vilna Ghetto during the Nazi occupation.

Maria’s diary, initially published in Soviet Lithuania, offers a vivid and emotional recounting of the day-to-day existence and struggles under Nazi rule.

Together we will explore Maria's life, highlighting her incredible resilience and the interactions among people during these impossible times.

Post-war, Maria faced further adversity: her life was in ruins, her loved ones were lost, and she confronted a society that was unwilling to acknowledge her traumatic experiences. Despite these challenges, Maria fought tirelessly to publish her diary and speak out about the Nazi atrocities in the post-war Soviet Union.

We will discuss the enduring legacy of Maria Rolnikaite and how her personal account enriches our historical understanding.

Sunday August 4, Part 2: "Janusz Korczak: a Man Who Taught Us to Love Children"

Janusz Korczak, fondly known as the “Old Doctor” by the orphans he cared for and the audience of his radio program in Poland, is renowned for his dedication to children's rights.

As a doctor and a teacher, he managed a Jewish orphanage in Warsaw, Poland, during interwar period and the rise of the Nazis. Korczak shielded his orphans from the harsh realities of the Warsaw Ghetto until the Nazis tragically led them to the Treblinka death camp.

However, Korczak's legacy extends beyond this tragic event. He is celebrated for his influential, progressive, compassionate approach to child care and education. Recognized as a pioneer in advocating for children's rights and dignity, Korczak's work continues to inspire parents and educators in the modern world.

More to it Janusz Korczak was a wonderful author of both adult's and children's books! I can't wait to introduce yo to his amazing creations!

Join me as we delve into the life and philosophy of Janusz Korczak, exploring his groundbreaking ideas and their profound impact on child upbringing and education.
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