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This time we visit the heart of Ukraine – Kiev, Odessa and Dnipro to learn their Jewish Heritage.

Jews have been living in Kiev since 8th century. Over the years, Kiev was home to Jewish scholars and Rabbis, writers and Zionists, business, cultural and political leaders.
Kiev Jewish community has experienced the times of amazing prosperity and tragic devastation.

Some of the issues we are going to discuss:

· Why a celebrated traveler of the 12th century Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela called Kiev a "great city"?
· What caused the Jewish pogroms of Bogdan Khmelnitsky and why is his monument located in the center of modern Kiev?
· What made Kiev so attractive to Jews over the centuries?
· Sugar, wine, timber - what else turned Kiev Jews into billionaires?
· "Beilis case" – the blood label of 20th century.
· The extermination of Kiev Jews - from the pogroms of Civil War to Babi Yar.
· Soviet fight against the memory of Holocaust in Kiev.
· Kiev Jewish Community modern life.

Odessa. Most Russian-speaking Jews will name it as a Jewish capital of former USSR.
Jewish Odessa - it is unique sense of humor, Jewish quarters with their unusual architecture, Jewish criminal world, the most active Zionist movement and of course the story of ships transporting Jews to the land of Israel in the early 1920s.

Dnipro. Nothing in the history of this large city on the bank of Dnepr River could have predicted that in the 21st century it becomes the main center of Jewish life in Eastern Europe. Successful, proud, rich, active, open - all these can be said about Dnipro Jewish Community today.

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