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    Tuesday November 9th at 8:00PM Jerusalem time on ZOOM

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    6:00PM in London
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I invite to join my new talk dedicated to the life of Leningrad and Moscow Jews in Soviet Union.

We will discuss the whole period from the Revolution of 1917 to the fall of Soviet Union in 1991 and post-Soviet times as well.

Some of the topics I am going to touch:

  • Russian revolution and the myth of "Jews who sold Russia"
  • Soviet Jews - victims and beneficiars of the new political system
  • Holocaust - "not to be mentioned" word in Soviet reality
  • Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee and the night of the Murdered Poets
  • Doctor's plot - the blood label of 20th century - as the biggest governmental antisemitic action of Soviet government
  • Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism in the USSR
  • The phenomena of "Refuseniks" and underground Jewish movement of 1971-1989
  • The resurgence of Jewish life and culture in Independent Russia

As always I have prepared lots of photographs to illustrate the talk and of course I will share some personal stories of my family members and friends.

Evgenia (Jane) Kempinski
Tour guide and lecturer
I am a Russian Jew and I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I have been a St. Petersburg tour guide for over 15 years.

I am the founder and the owner of St.Petersburg Jewish Tours – a company which offers Jewish travelers from across the world a unique combination of general sightseeing in St.Petersburg and Moscow as well as Jewish Heritage, showcasing the best of Russia from a Jewish point of view.

I am now the founder of the Online Jewish Travel Club, which unites Jews from all different countries through our love of traveling and art, as well as our appreciation of Jewish Heritage.

I am 43 years of age, married, and I have one 6-year-old daughter.

Our family made Aliyah recently and currently lives in Haifa, Israel.
NOVEMBER 9th at 8:00PM Jerusalem time
Other timezones:
6:00PM in London
1:00PM in New York
12:00PM in Texas and Milwaukee
10:00AM in California
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Evgenia Kempinski