Online tour on February 9th
Bukharian Jews - life in the heart of the Silk Road
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This time I will take you to the country in Central Asia - Uzbekistan and it's most beautiful and famous cities - Bukhara and Samarkand.
Bukhara and Samarkand are ancient cities located in the very heart of the Silk Road. Jews have been living here for over 1000 years.
Jews in Bukhara were named as people with blue hands. Why? Because of their profession - dyeing fabric.
Bukharian Jewish culture is among the most colourful and unusual. Today we see Bukharian Jewish Communities everywhere in the world - in the USA, in Israel, in Europe, in Russia.... But in their origin country - in Uzbekistan - the community is slowly disappearing.

Bukharian Jews went through the long period of harsh persecution and instability which changed dramatically in the 19th century. Out of a sudden from those oppressed and mistreated by the Muslim authorities Bukharian Jews became privileged and free traders in the Russian Empire. Sounds beyond belief? But it's true. It's the story which I am going to tell you. But also show you gorgeous costumes, beautiful private homes and cozy carefully preserved Synagogues.
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Online tour on February 9th
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