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Hello and welcome to the Online Jewish Travel Club!
If you are into the Jewish history and art and also like virtual travels you are in the right place! I am happy to meet and greet you!

I am Evgenia (Jane) Kempinski - a professional Jewish tour guide.
I am a Jew born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia now living in Haifa, Israel.
I have been a St. Petersburg tour guide for over 15 years.

I am now the founder of the Online Jewish Travel Club, which unites Jews from different countries through our love of traveling and art, as well as our appreciation of Jewish Heritage.
What do we do here?
We meet twice a month on Zoom to visit different countries and speak about the Jewish life there.
My tours are always full of great photographs as well as the most interesting and meaningful stories.
I know how to explain difficult issues in the simple and understandable way and the most important - how to make history alive!

How to join?
Easy! Press the button "JOIN THE CLUB", fill in the registration form and immediately receive your first FREE recorded tour to watch at any time on any device!

What's next?
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Two-part Zoom series on July 28 & August 4


Part I: Maria Rolnikaite - a Girl Who Survived the Vilna Ghetto
Part II: Janusz Korczak - a Man Who Taught Us to Love Children

The meeting is organized on Zoom.
We meet at 1:00PM ET.
It is 8:00PM in Jerusalem, 6:00PM in London,
1:00PM in New York, 12:00 in Chicago
and 10:00AM in California
Join me for the mini-series dedicated to the two extraordinary Jews whose lives and books have influenced my life and my worldview dramatically!

Sunday July 21, Part 1: "Maria Rolnikaite: A Jewish Girl Who Survived the Vilna Ghetto"

Welcome to a moving lecture on Maria Rolnikaite. Her diary from the Vilna Ghetto offers a vivid account of life under Nazi oppression. Learn about her incredible resilience and the poignant stories of love, loss, and survival during this dark period in history.
See, how despite facing immense obstacles, Maria fought tirelessly to publish her diary and speak out about the Nazi atrocities in the post-war Soviet Union.

Sunday July 28, Part 2: "Janusz Korczak: a Man Who Taught Us to Love Children"

Explore the inspiring life of Janusz Korczak, a dedicated advocate for children's rights who sheltered orphans in the Warsaw Ghetto. Understand his progressive educational philosophy and the enduring impact of his humanitarian work and writings. Discover his talent as a gifted writer for both children and adults as we discuss his influential books.


Welcome to watch free virtual tour dedicated to the History, Heritage and Art of St. Petersburg Jews.

The tour includes:
  • The best part of St. Petersburg
  • The most interesting and unknown stories about the history of St. Petersburg Jews
  • The Hermitage museum from the Jewish perspective
  • The life of Soviet Jews and miraculous rebirth of Judaism in Leningrad (St. Petersburg)
If you have never been to St. Petersburg, Russia this tour will give you a good taste of what the city is. If you have already visited it, the tour will show the city and it's Jewish Heritage in the new unusual way.

You will get the link to the free tour right after your registration!
Virtual Tours Collection
Recorded virtual tours available to watch at any time on any device
This talk helps us create an image of a Shtetl - its life, structure, people, traditions and more. We will try to understand the uniqueness of the Shtetl in our history and its influence on our Jewish identity.
I invite you to visit the key cities of Croatia - Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split and learn their Jewish history.
Welcome to Kiev - the capital of Ukraine - once a Jewish metropolis.
Here's what people say:
  • Dear Jane,
    You did an amazingly good job yesterday!!! It was very very interesting, even after having been to the Hermitage on two different tours, once many years ago on a music trip, and then, of course, with your guiding with the JHS. Not only did you show us the beauty that is the Hermitage, you gave a very good insight in the process of restoration. As a volunteer at the Israel Museum I have had the privilege to attend lectures on the subject, and I have to compliment you on a job very well done!
    Irene Coster
  • Thank you for organizing this wonderful experience. Jane was fantastic and shared such specific and educational information for each piece of art which made it very meaningful for me. I very much look forward to further lectures with her. This virtual tour had that extraordinary visual benefit that no people were present to interrupt the beauty of each room we entered. It was fantastic.
    Sharon Jacobs
  • This was one of the most wonderful, extraordinary presentations (all 3 days) I have ever watched! Evgenia's vast knowledge, her clear, informative, most pleasant and enthusiastic way of presenting, the wonderful photos and all the visual materials she used which so helped with my understanding, made this a truly outstanding experience! I so look forward to any future presentations she may do.
    Laura Kurtzman
Contact me:
WhatsApp: +972 50 8280063
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