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Crimea – a peninsula on the Northern shore of Black Sea. Once the territory of Greek colonies, then the province of Ottoman Empire, the acquisition and the naval base of Russia, the resort of Independent Ukraine.

First Jews settled here as early as in 2nd century exiled from Judea by the Roman emperor Adrian after Bar-Kokhba revolt.

The legendary Khazaria state which elite converted to Judaism was located here in the 8th – 9th centuries.

Here in Crimea different Jewish Communities have been living for a very long time: traditional Ashkenazi Jews and Karaites.

We are going to visit Crimea and learn the history of both - traditional Jews and Karaites.

  • We will talk about Jewish agricultural settlements, Zionist training camps and Soviet Jewish collective farms in Crimea;
  • We will discuss the history and traditions of Karaites in Russian Empire as well as their story of social and political success
  • We will look at the Synagogues, Karaite praying homes (Kenesas) and old Jewish cemeteries.

When and Where
Tuesday August 23rd at 8:00PM Jerusalem time on ZOOM

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6:00PM in London
1:00PM in New York
12:00PM in Texas and Milwaukee
10:00AM in California
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Online tour on August 23rd
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