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What do we know about Norway?
First of all it's the fjords, mountains and northern lights
I will give you some more:
Norway introduced salmon sushi to Japan! While sushi is absolutely a Japanese invention, they did not use salmon in the dish until it was suggested by a Norwegian delegation in 1980's.
Not quite surprisingly Modern and ancient skiing were invented in Norway.
Norway gave the world the cheese slicer. It was invented back in 1925 by Thor Bjørklund.
What about Jews?
Jewish history here dates back to the 19th century only. Today, approximately 1,300 Jews live in Norway.
On this tour, we will pay respect to the beauty of Norway and speak about the short but quite tragic Jewish history of this country.
We will discuss:
  • The first Jewish community established in Oslo back in the 19th century;
  • The blossom of Jewish life in Norway in the first half of the 20th century;
  • The situation with Norwegian Jews during the WWII;
  • The miraculous surviving of Oslo Synagogue during the War;
  • Re-establishment of the Jewish Community and the revival of Jewish life in Norway;
  • Modern situation with Antisemitism and an attitude to Israel.
The beautiful and meaningful photographs will accompany the talk.
Recorded virtual tour available to watch at any time on any device
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