Online tour on February 19th
Odessa - the cradle of Israeli culture
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Odessa. A city with truly Jewish spirit.

Most Russian-speaking Jews will name it as a Jewish capital of former Russian Empire and then USSR.

Jewish Odessa - it is unique Jewish sense of humor, the tastiest Ashkenazi food, the best Yiddish music.

Jewish Odessa - it is Jewish quarters with their balconies and tiny courtyards, Jewish criminal world, Yiddish and Hebrew literature, Jewish self-defence, the most active Zionist movement and of course the story of ships transporting Jews to the land of Israel in the early 1920s.

Jewish Odessa - it is green boulevards, sandy beaches, noisy markets and Jewish belief that everything will be alright.

Some people say that Odessa is a cradle of Israeli culture, that Tel Aviv and Odessa share the same atmosphere of the sea city. We have a chance to see Odessa, talk about its Jewry and make up our mind.

Let's travel together through the Jewish history of Odessa - from the early 19th century to nowadays!

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    Sunday February 19th at 8:00PM Jerusalem time on ZOOM

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    6:00PM in London
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Online tour on February 19th
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